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Why Buy from us

Why Buy from us

ThinLenses are the High Index Lenses Specialists giving you top quality frames with the thinnest, lightest lenses available anywhere on the market, at a fraction of the price you’d pay your high street optician. If you’ve ever purchased glasses with High Index Lenses before, you’ve probably spent a lot of money and perhaps been disappointed that you didn’t end up with the thin lenses you really wanted. On the other hand, if you’re new to high index lenses, why not use our Virtual Mirror to ensure that you end up with the perfect pair of glasses.

Unlike other websites and high street opticians, ThinLenses can offer you glasses online with the complete range of High Index Lenses . Whether you want Glass Lenses or Plastic Lenses, Single Vision , Varifocal or Transitions Lenses , you can get them all from us.

Whether you have a strong prescription, a complex prescription or simple prescription, ThinLenses can help. We provide, reading glasses , prescription glasses , fashion glasses and designer glasses with glass lenses and plastic lenses. Whether you need, single vision lenses, varifocal lenses, transitions lenses or high index lenses, we supply them all.

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